ICRI-CI Israel Retreat 2017 – Presentations

Day 1, Tuesday, 9-May-2017

Opening + Keynote


Retreat Opening Notes

Ronny Ronen
Shalom Goldenberg

Keynote: The ascent of AI: an Intel perspective

Gadi Singer


Deep Learning + Visual


Session Opening Notes

Ronny Ronen

Opening the black box of Deep Neural Networks  via Information:
A deeper theory and some new algorithms

Naftali Tishby

Expressive efficiency and inductive bias of convolutional networks:
the use of hierarchical tensor decompositions for network design and analysis

Amnon Shashua

Failures of Gradient-Based Deep Learning

Ohad Shamir

End-to-end Deep Imitation Learning

Shie Mannor

Stereo Matching, Optical Flow, and Filling the Gaps

Lior Wolf

Deep reinforcement learning for driving policy

Shai Shalev Shwartz

Deep Learning in Medical Imaging: The Data Challenge

Hayit Greenspan

Implicit Media Tagging and Affect Prediction from RGB-D video of spontaneous facial expressions

Daphna Weinshall

The Return of the Gating Network:
Combining Discriminative and Generative Training in models of RGBD Images

Yair Weiss

Day 2, Wednesday, 10-May-2016   



Architecture for AI at Intel

Debbie Marr

Effective usage of system’s resources – when/where should we use In-Place-Processing

Uri Weiser

PRinS:   Processing-in-Storage Using Resistive CAM

Ran Ginosar

mMPU: Memristive Memory Processing Unit

Shahar Kvatinsky

Memory Prefetching with Neural-Networks: Challenges and Insights

Yoav Etsion


Conversational Understanding


Conversational Understanding at Intel

Moshe Wasserblat

High Performance Information Extraction – Techniques and Applications

Ronen Feldman

Accurate parsing and beyond

Yoav Goldberg

Open Knowledge Representation and Lexical Inference

Ido Dagan

Morphological and Multi-lingual Specialization of Vector Spaces and its Applications to Conversation Understanding

Roi Reichart