Karlheinz Meier

Karlheinz Meier


Computing like the Brain – From Dream to Reality ? 

Physical models of neural circuits have been explored over many decades. They attempt the electronic implementation of brain features like low power operation, fault tolerance and in particular the ability to learn and to make predictions based on the results of the learning process. Nonetheless such systems have so far failed to outstrip conventional von Neumann devices. The lecture will review existing work and point to important developments in neuroscience, engineering and theory that may contribute to make brain derived computing a competitive technology.


since 2011 : Co-Director of the EU HBP FET Flagship Project - 2011-2013 : Invited professorat EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) - since 2010 : Coordinator of the EU BrainScaleS Consortium - since 2009 : Coordinator of the Marie-Curie Network FACETS-ITN  - since 2009 : Member of the Board of the German Physical Society - 2007-2009 : President of ECFA and European delegate of ICFA - 2005-2010 : Coordinator of the EU FACETS Consortium - 2000 : Award for Excellence in Teaching from the State of Baden-Württemberg - 1999 : Founding Director of the Kirchhoff Institut für Physik - 1994-2012 : Project leader of the LHC-ATLAS Trigger PreProcessor - 1994 : Founding Director of the Laboratory for Microelectronics Heidelberg - since 1992 : Chair Experimental Physics, Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg - 1990-1992 : Scientific Staff (tenure) at DESY (Hamburg) - 1988-1990 : Scientific Staff at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) - 1984-1988 : Research Fellow at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) - 1984 : Ph.D. in Physics from Hamburg University - 1981 : Diploma in Physics from Hamburg University.