Brain-Inspired Computing (BIC) workshop at ISCA 40, 2013

June 24, 2013
When: Monday, June 24, 2013
Workshop motivation
The workshop will focus on neuromorphic engineering – the interface between computational neuroscience and computing architecture. We look for new type of computing devices and computing paradigms that with their delicate interplay significantly extend the existing computer capabilities in tasks such as learning, recognition, and complex decision making. These tasks are fostered by fundamental research in the neurosciences.
The workshop will provide a forum to exchange research ideas related to novel computing paradigms which are derived from and inspired by biological nervous systems. These novel computing paradigms aim at solving hard computational problems and provide efficient solutions in terms of error rate and low power consumption. The paradigms are successfully applied nowadays to a wide range of industrial applications, for instance computer vision, speech recognition and motor control. Our goal is to attract a group of interdisciplinary researchers from academia, industry and government research labs. Preliminary results of interesting ideas and work-in-progress are welcome.
Topics of interests
  • Cognitive computing: from sensory to higher order
  • Neuromorphic sensors, systems, and chips
  • Efficient hardware implementations of neural networks: analog vs. digital, spike vs. voltage coding, interconnect, and alternative technologies.
  • Computing systems to investigate and simulate brain functions
  • Efficient learning on large neural devices
  • Programming Model for BIC
Daniel Ben-Dayan Rubin, Intel Labs, Israel
Olivier Temam, INRIA Saclay, France
Call for abstracts Here (IS NOW CLOSED)
Starting Ending Minutes  
09:00 09:20 20
Daniel Ben Dayan Rubin – Intel Labs, Intel Collaborative Reaserch Institute, Israel
Opening Remarks

09:20 10:10 50
Keynote speaker
Karlheinz Meier  – University of Heidelberg, Germany

10:10 10:40 30
Mikko Lipasti – University of Wisconsin,  WI USA
Can Networks of Synthetic Neurons Scale to Biological Dimensions?

10:40 11:00 20 Coffee Break
11:00 11:30 30
11:30 12:00 30
12:30 13:00 30
13:00 14:00 60 Lunch Break
14:00 14:50 50
Keynote Speaker
Kunle Olokutun – Stanford University
14:50 15:20 30
James Smith – University of Wisconsin

Engineering Digital Neurons

15:20 15:40 20 Coffee Break
15:40 16:10 30
Chris Eliasmith & Terry Stewart* – University of Waterloo, Canada
16:10 16:40 30
Rajit Manohar – Cornell University, NY USA
Self-timing in Neuromorphic Systems

16:40 17:00 20
Olivier Temam – INRIA France
Conclusion remarks
* Presenting Author